Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so its been almost a year since i did my last post... sorry. i've been doing other things. anyway, I'm in NYC right now with dad. for those of you who don't know he is living in new york.we have done lots of fun things (including getting a computer!!!). on Friday were gonna drive down to my grandmothers house and stay there till Monday. again sorry its been so long cya.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

here is yet another poem
I have this great poem in mind, but I cant seem to think of a title, i've looked and looked on every nook but I cant seem to think of a title.

A title is very important, very imoprtant indeed, you see if a title is not a title then what shall a title be.

I have this great poem in mind but I cant seem to think of a title, oh wait, here's a title,its called title,yes title!, title indeed, title, title, title.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i wrote another poem today

ha-wai-i i-s fu-n a-nd ho-t a-ll ye-ar l-ong s-o c-ome h-er-e,th-e rea-son th-at thi-s i-s s-o skip-y is be-cause ha-wa-ii is s-o sk-ipy a-nd cho-ppy

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the way i got out of going to detention

"why were you sleeping at your desk"
"beacuase i stayed up late madess"
"why did you stay up late mister"
"beacuase of all that homework,durrrrr"
"so you are blameing all of this on me"


this is another poem that i wrote a little bit ago...

climing is scary
climing is fun
you can fall on your head
you can clim wirh your hand
you can say almost there
you can trip with a scare
you can go up with a dare
you can fall with a scare
you can go down in the pit
you can jump over the dip

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

yesterday one of the most popular kids in my class hit my gym teacher and she started crying it was happy and sad . one sad thing was that we did not finish p.e beacuse she was so mad which sucked beacuse i did not do anything but i understood since her nose was bleeding one thing is that she did not even tell us to line up we all just knew beacuse of the look on her face (and the way her finger was pointed) but then when we all got to the classroom he kept telling jokes and laughing we ignored him i mean sure it was a little cold but he deserved it but it did not even matter after this kid named michael cracked it was all down hill so now he has his 2nd most popular rank back oh ya the most popular person is named mason he is super snotty and mean and when ever i make a joke he says " that's not funny " and even when i am so now even though i am super funny... sometimes... i have the rep. that i am super serious and have no sense of humor so that is about my school regular day so i will update you if anything else happens by. p.s FOLLOW MY BLOG AND LEAVE COMMENTS

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when there is indoor recess

at school it is crazy since it is sooo cold it has been indoor recess for the last week and a half so it is a madhouse in the room when i am doing my homework so i thougth i would give u guys what is happening. ok so my classmates got so bored that they stared to draw ugly people on the board and another thing is that at one point some people started to hop like frogs on the floor they called themselves di-di-dits ( rhymes with little bits) and then everyone else wanted to get in on the action so some other people started to go aroud like chickens saying qwak qw qw qw qwak and they were ducks so then the di di dits got mad cause it was their idea first so now (as you can imagine) it was war there was a thing where if a di di dit caught a duck he could arrest the duck so there was di di dits jumping on ducks to arrest them and there were ducks screaming to get out of jail ( the jail was under the table) so that is about it... wait there is one more thing today this girl ended up being soooo bored that she drew a face on a spoon and ripped up some tissue (for the hair) and called him bob so i think i see another trend coming on ... and just to think what will happen in high school when we stop haveing recess * dah dah dadadaaaa* p.s sory fore anny speeling mistackes double p.s please leave comments